Text Box: Bear Hug
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


These are the pictures of the O Litter going home with their new families.

01 Male� -� Rocky� -� Bear Hug Oscar Blues

Rocky is staying in South Carolina.

06 Female� -� Kiss� -� Bear Hug Ollie�s Boo

Kiss has gone to giver her love to a new family in North Carolina.

05 Female� -� Maggie� -� Bear Hug Our Archangel

Maggie has gone to live in North Carolina.

04 Male� -� Lots of Spots� -� Bear Hug Osceola

Spots is going to live south of Miami.

03 Female� -� Sally� -� Bear Hug Only a Cup of Cocoa

Sally has gone to Missouri to live with her new family.

02 Female� -� Clara� -� Bear Hug Ophelia Rey

Clara is also staying in South Carolina, but she is going to be at the coast.

07 Male� -� Blaze� -� Bear Hug Oval Office

Blaze is another one that has gone to Florida.� Based on the picture below, you can tell he was stressed out.

08 Male� -� Jack� -� Bear Hug Outlaw Waylon

Jack has tone to North Carolina also.

09 Male� -� Toby� -� Bear Hug Oh Golly My Follly

Toby has gone to live with his new family in Virginia.

10 Male� -� Jake� -� Bear Hug Oscar Wild

Jake is also another North Carolina bound dog.�

11 Male� -� Cutie� -� Bear Hug Olivander A Wonderful Adventure

Cutie is seen below with his new family.� I think they will keep him busy.� He is also going to North Carolina.

12 Male� - Leo� - Bear Hug O Banjo

And our last little North Carolina bound puppy is Leo.

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