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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


The puppies are going home.� It is a sad time, because we will miss them, but also a joyful time as they and their new families get to know each other and develop that bond that makes loving a dog so special.� Fortunately we will continue our journey with this litter, as we are keeping both Lucy and Enzo.�

1 Female�Clara/Savannah

Bear Hug September Thirteenth has gone to live with Michael and Stephanie in Virginia.

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8 Female�Roxanne/Sage

Bear Hug Saskatchewan Sage at Gap View is now living in North Carolina with Darin and Tami.

7 Male�Mister

Bear Hug Strider Charley has moved to North Carolina with Andris and Barbara.

6 Male�Charlie/Oakley

Bear Hug Super Snuggler has stayed in town with Blake.� Spent his first weekend in Kentucky.

5 Female�Maddie/Quinn

Bear Hug Storming Down the Barrel moved down the road here in South Carolina and is now living with Jake and Sunny.

4 Male�Enzo/Enzo

Bear Hug Sing Second is also staying in South Carolina with us.

3 Male�Pierre/Crash

Bear Hug Shipping Up To Boston has gone to live in Virginia with Randy, Laurie and their griffons Gator, Hattie and Tessie.

02 Female�Lucy/Lucy

Bear Hug Sexy And You Know It is staying in South Carolina with us.

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