This is Tybee saying hello to her Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

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Tybee  2013  -  2018

Tybee is our newest girl out of the second litter between Boomer and Breezy. 


She is very sweet and loving like both her parents, yet has more of the drive that Boomer has.  But then again, when you wake her up, it takes her forever to get going. 


She loves to swim and will dunk her whole head under water to look for things. 


She has great structure with excellent movement.  It will be a pleasure watching her grow up.

Tybee Facts: 


Date of Birth:  8 March, 2013.  Tybee passed away after having surgery to remove something that she had eaten and had gotten stuck in her intestine.  We  miss her terribly.  She was a very sweet and great dog.


Tybee has finished her Conformation Championship, and in her first time out as a special, she won the breed over 4 other specials and received a Group 4.  On her second time as a special she received a Group 2 placement.


At the 2014 National Specialty in Maine, Tybee received an Award of Merit, and she was just 18 months old.


She received a score of 91 and a Prize III on her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test and she easily finished her Junior Hunter title.


She is 22.25 inches at the withers and weighs 52 pounds.


Tybee has a harsh, dense coat, good facial furnishings, well balanced and super movement.   She reminds us so much of her dad Boomer, especially the way she moves and in profile.


Tybee is the mother of our L and P Litters.



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