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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

“R” LITTEr—Weeks 0-1

Poppy had all of her puppies in 4.5 hours.  It was like a production line, and it takes several people to keep up with her.  At first we split the puppies up, and let them nurse in shifts.  At first it was every hour and we spread it out over time.   Now all 14 are with her all the time. 

1 Male—Buzz

Our daughter named Buzz.  When he was born, he had three markings that looked like the cells in a bee hive.  So it was Buzz.

05 Male—Rocky

Rocky is the smallest boy.  He was named by one of our niece’s sons.  He has a distinctive mark on one of his elbow.

04 Female—Nellie

Our daughter that named Buzz also named Nellie.  She loves her spots and thinks she looks like her grandfather Hokie.

03 Female—Spotty

Spotty was the run to start with, but with diligent feedings, she is right up there with the rest of them now.  Her name stems from the spot on her head.  And Spotty was the name of her great great grandmother.

02 Male—Thor

Our Vet named Thor.  He was one of the earliest up walking around.   He is easy to pick out, because he does not have any markings on his body.

07 Male—Tigger 

Tigger is the first of our Winnie the Pooh pups.  He is just a little bit heavier than Rocky right now and easy to pick out too.

08 Female—Ally

Ally was named by Lonnie.  Just saw a truck with it on it.  She was the first one found outside the whelping box.  And she looked like she had been nursing the whole time. 

09 Female—Heidi

Heidi was named by Marsha’.  We haven’t had a Heidi before, and she has a Maggie spot on her right shoulder.

10 Female—Lilly

We named Lilly after her great grandmother.  She was also a sister of our second dog Rugby.

11 Male—Eyor

Another Winnie the Pooh name.  He was the second pup out of the whelping box.

12 Female—Star

Star has a large blaze that runs all the way over her head.  We will be interested in how that turns out with age.  She was named by one of our niece’s husband’s sons.

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06 Male—James

James was named by our grandson.  James really doesn’t have any body markings, other than the Maggie spot on his left shoulder.

13 Female—Winnie

Winnie is the second heaviest puppy so far.  And she is the last in our Winnie the Pooh group.

14 Female—Bertha

Bertha is the biggest puppy out of the litter.  She topped 2 pounds before anyone else.  She was actually the 15th puppy born.

At the vet office to get their tails docked and dew claws removed.

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