Text Box: Bear Hug
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


These guys have all gone on to their new homes.� We love getting back the stories of them hunting, hiking or just living life.

1 Male�Buzz�Bear Hug Hilo

Hilo now lives in Virginia with his new family, and has had the opportunity to meet Gator at a local NAVHDA event.

05 Male�Rocky�Bear Hug Rafiki

Murphy started out in South Carolina, but now lives in West Virginia.

04 Female�Nellie�Bear Hug Roached Up Nellie

Nellie lives with our daughter in Georgia.� She keeps them busy gets to visit often.

03 Female�Spotty�Bear Hug Reaves Polly

Polly also lives in North Carolina and she is entertaining her new family there.

02 Male�Thor�Bear Hug Rockin Randall

Stutz is now living with his family in North Carolina.� He is busy hunting and living life.

07 Male�Tigger� - Bear Hug Ranger

Tigger is now living in Florida on the Gulf Coast.� Must be rough.

08 Female�Ally�Bear Hug Rapunzel

Ally is now living near us in South Carolina.� She has been doing great in the field and has even made it out to South Dakota this year to hunt.

09 Female�Heidi�Bear Hug Rescue

Rescue is now living her life near the coast in South Carolina.� She loves the beach and is loving her new family.

10 Female�Lilly�Bear Hug Reba

Reba is now living in Alabama and doing a great job with her new family.

11 Male�Eyor� - Bear Hug Roscoe P Coltrane

Roscoe is also living near the coast in South Carolina.� He has a very active family that keep him busy.

12 Female�Star�Bear Hug Rising Star

Star is now living in Virginia.�

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06 Male�James�Bear Hug Ready to Speak

Grizz has started his career as a therapy dog in South Carolina.� And from what we can tell, he is doing great at it.

13 Female�Winnie�Bear Hug Ruffle My Feathers

Ruffles now lives in Pennsylvania.� Her new family hales from Zimbabwe�

14 Female�Bertha�Bear Hug Ragnarok

Bertha went back to Tennessee.� She probably already knows the song Rocky Top.