Text Box: Bear Hug
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


These guys have all gone on to their new homes.  We love getting back the stories of them hunting, hiking or just living life.

1 Male—Buzz—Bear Hug Hilo

Hilo now lives in Virginia with his new family, and has had the opportunity to meet Gator at a local NAVHDA event.

05 Male—Rocky—Bear Hug Rafiki

Murphy started out in South Carolina, but now lives in West Virginia.

04 Female—Nellie—Bear Hug Roached Up Nellie

Nellie lives with our daughter in Georgia.  She keeps them busy gets to visit often.

03 Female—Spotty—Bear Hug Reaves Polly

Polly also lives in North Carolina and she is entertaining her new family there.

02 Male—Thor—Bear Hug Rockin Randall

Stutz is now living with his family in North Carolina.  He is busy hunting and living life.

07 Male—Tigger  - Bear Hug Ranger

Tigger is now living in Florida on the Gulf Coast.  Must be rough.

08 Female—Ally—Bear Hug Rapunzel

Ally is now living near us in South Carolina.  She has been doing great in the field and has even made it out to South Dakota this year to hunt.

09 Female—Heidi—Bear Hug Rescue

Rescue is now living her life near the coast in South Carolina.  She loves the beach and is loving her new family.

10 Female—Lilly—Bear Hug Reba

Reba is now living in Alabama and doing a great job with her new family.

11 Male—Eyor  - Bear Hug Roscoe P Coltrane

Roscoe is also living near the coast in South Carolina.  He has a very active family that keep him busy.

12 Female—Star—Bear Hug Rising Star

Star is now living in Virginia. 

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06 Male—James—Bear Hug Ready to Speak

Grizz has started his career as a therapy dog in South Carolina.  And from what we can tell, he is doing great at it.

13 Female—Winnie—Bear Hug Ruffle My Feathers

Ruffles now lives in Pennsylvania.  Her new family hales from Zimbabwe 

14 Female—Bertha—Bear Hug Ragnarok

Bertha went back to Tennessee.  She probably already knows the song Rocky Top.