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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


Week 8.� Below are pictures of the M Litter with their new families.

01 F�Mtn Deputy

Lula/Mtn Deputy has gone home with

Fred and Carol to Alabama.� They have a sister of Sweet Pea, out of the B Litter, which makes her Mtn Deputy�s great grat aunt.� But I understand that Dixie is finally warming up to her.�� The picture on the far right are� both sisters checking out Lula.

10 Male�Bingo

Bingo/Melchior also stayed here in South Carolina with Nate and� Amra.� They also had another Grif named Baltazar.� They took their names from 2 of the 3 Wise Men.� They are getting along famously.

09 Male�Blaze

Blaze also went to a home here� in South Carolina with Tim and Maggy.� They claim he is the most laid back Griff they have ever seen.� His new friends are Riley the Lab and of course Keyes from the I Litter.� We could devote a whole page to the videos we get of Keyes and Sam.


08 Male�Hammer

Hammer/Cooper went home to Tennessee with Tod and Cheryl.� He is fitting right in and keeping their Weim busy.

07 Female�Annie

Annie/Zoey, went to Mary and Hank�s here in South Carolina.� They already had a puppy from the C Litter.� As you can see she is getting along well with her new family.

06 Male�Brownie

Brownie/Murray went home with Kerri and Jeff to Connecticut .� There he found two new friends, that are keeping him busy.�

05 Female�Ethel

Ethel/Ellie Mae has gone home with Melissa Jo� to North Carolina and has also found her a best friend forever.� He even wore camouflage to pick her� up.� They will make a great pair.

04 Female�Queen

Queens was the first to go home and her first experience in Pennsylvania with Katie and Jack was snow.� Being from the south, she did not know much about it.

03 Male�Nico

Nico has gone right across the border into North Carolina with Matthew and Renee.� I think he has made the transition easily and seems to love his toys.

02 M�Oliver�

Edward/Oliver has gone home with Ashley and Will to Virginia.� As you can see h has a new best friend forever.�� They will be great growing up together.


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