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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


Week 8.  Below are pictures of the M Litter with their new families.

01 F—Mtn Deputy

Lula/Mtn Deputy has gone home with

Fred and Carol to Alabama.  They have a sister of Sweet Pea, out of the B Litter, which makes her Mtn Deputy’s great grat aunt.  But I understand that Dixie is finally warming up to her.   The picture on the far right are  both sisters checking out Lula.

10 Male—Bingo

Bingo/Melchior also stayed here in South Carolina with Nate and  Amra.  They also had another Grif named Baltazar.  They took their names from 2 of the 3 Wise Men.  They are getting along famously.

09 Male—Blaze

Blaze also went to a home here  in South Carolina with Tim and Maggy.  They claim he is the most laid back Griff they have ever seen.  His new friends are Riley the Lab and of course Keyes from the I Litter.  We could devote a whole page to the videos we get of Keyes and Sam.


08 Male—Hammer

Hammer/Cooper went home to Tennessee with Tod and Cheryl.  He is fitting right in and keeping their Weim busy.

07 Female—Annie

Annie/Zoey, went to Mary and Hank’s here in South Carolina.  They already had a puppy from the C Litter.  As you can see she is getting along well with her new family.

06 Male—Brownie

Brownie/Murray went home with Kerri and Jeff to Connecticut .  There he found two new friends, that are keeping him busy. 

05 Female—Ethel

Ethel/Ellie Mae has gone home with Melissa Jo  to North Carolina and has also found her a best friend forever.  He even wore camouflage to pick her  up.  They will make a great pair.

04 Female—Queen

Queens was the first to go home and her first experience in Pennsylvania with Katie and Jack was snow.  Being from the south, she did not know much about it.

03 Male—Nico

Nico has gone right across the border into North Carolina with Matthew and Renee.  I think he has made the transition easily and seems to love his toys.

02 M—Oliver 

Edward/Oliver has gone home with Ashley and Will to Virginia.  As you can see h has a new best friend forever.   They will be great growing up together.


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