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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

“S” LITTEr Week 3

Three weeks old, what changes we have seen.  A couple of them have made getting out of the whelping box an art form.  They are now drinking milk from a bowl, wrestling, walking and nothing happens around them that they don’t notice.  Their little personalities are starting to develop and they are so funny playing with each other.  When you go in there to where they are, they will run over to the side of the box for you to love on them.  You could just eat them up at this age.  Oh, and they give good kisses. 

1 Female—Clara

Clara continues to be an escape artist from the box.  But only when her mother is outside of it.

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8 Female—Roxanne

Roxanne is a very nice pup.  Largest of the girls, but not overbearing to her littermates.

7 Male—Mister

Mister is still the biggest, but they are catching up now.  I think the bowl helps equal out the eating.  His buddy is Lucy, she always hangs out with him.

6 Male—Charlie

Charlie is Clara’s cohort in crime.  I think she has been giving him lessons on escaping.

5 Female—Maddie

Maddie loves to be held and loved on.  Her brown tail makes her eay to pick out.

4 Male—Enzo

Enzo is another one who loves the new eating arrangements.  

3 Male—Pierre

Pierre takes his time to eat at a leisurely pace.  First is the bathroom break and then he will visit a little bit.

02 Female—Lucy

Lucy has taken to eating out of the bowl with a vengeance.  She pushes everyone out of the way.

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