Text Box: Bear Hug
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


1 � Girl� -� Jewel� Monster

Jewel stayed here locally and went to live in Travelers Rest with Angela and Randall.� They now call her Monster.

3 � Girl� -� Cookie� -� Oakley

Oakley now lives in northern Kentucky with her family.� Her cuteness and love of life has made her an instant success with them.

5 � Girl� -� Izzy�

Wheezie� now lives in Savannah, GA with Stephen and Elizabeth.� They are getting to know the lowcountry.

7� Girl� -� Little Maggie� -� Tybee

Tybee got the raw end of the deal.� She ended up staying at home.� No new adventures with a new family or nothing.� Ah, but she still has mom, grandma and great grandma.


6 � Girl� -� Bunny�

Scput now lives in North Carolina.


2 � Boy� -� Moose�Fletch

Fletch has gone home to live with Trent and Sherry and their family in Charlotte, NC.�

4 � Girl� -� Chessie� -� Chestnut

Chestnut now lives in New York with her family.� She gets to enjoy the beach and park.

8 � Boy� -� Rocky� -� Key

Key has just recently returned from the Florida Keys with his new family.� But they live close to us and it will be fun watching him grow up.

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