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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

“R” LITTEr—Week 5

The puppies are doing great and getting to where they like to be outside playing longer now.  We took these pictures Sunday morning before we went to the Liverpool vs. Borussia Dortmund soccer match in Charlotte, NC.  I don’t know who was the most tired when we got done, us or them.  Below on the left is how we prepped them, with a picture of Bertha getting a belly rub.  And then on the right is a picture of Spotty afterwards, just all tuckered out.  But they all did really well, even if a few were sleepy.

This morning when I took them out, I looked down at them and told them that there sure are a lot of them.  They just looked at me with those sweet faces and charged out to play.

1 Male—Buzz

Buzz always gets to go first.  He says it helps him be photogenic.

05 Male—Rocky

Rocky was exploring everywhere.  But he did take time to pose.

04 Female—Nellie

Our daughter sill thinks that Nellie is the cutest.  Lonnie just has her spoiled. 

03 Female—Spotty

Spotty wanted to make sure we got her blaze in the pictures this week.   

02 Male—Thor

Thor loved exploring the bushes out front.  

07 Male—Tigger 

Seems like all the young boys that come by the house, love Tigger.  He is just a very happy puppy.

08 Female—Ally

Ally is our little fluff ball in this litter.   

09 Female—Heidi

Heidi is into everything.  Of the puppies she probably has the shortest coat.

10 Female—Lilly

Lilly is an outgoing puppy.  Loves just about anything.

11 Male—Eyor

Eyor was just about asleep by the time we took his pictues, and you can tell it.  He had been playing too hard before we took his.

12 Female—Star

Star is a very nice pup.  Bold and self assured.  Love the white on her forehead.

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06 Male—James

I would like to say that James is pointing in the picture below, but he was moving.  Just caught him in mid stride.  Very nice form.

13 Female—Winnie

Winnie at first was just about as sleepy as Eyor.  But shook out of it.  Have a picture of her from behind to show the spots.

14 Female—Bertha

You can tell that the belly rub made Bertha photogenic.  She took her pictures like a star.  She says she wants to go first next time and let Buzz go last.

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