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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

“R” LITTEr—Week 4

Another big week for the puppies.  They made the move from the whelping box in the laundry room, to the puppy pen in the garage and driveway.  They moved on Saturday morning and are readily moving between the two after little over a day.  Very adaptable bunch of pups.  Not much seems to shake them up, but the heat. 


We put their toy outside, which has all the items hanging from it for them to play with, and they readily started playing with it.  We added a tunnel this litter made from a piece of drainage pipe.  In no time, they started exploring it and going through it, even with it being a little wobbly.  And to top it off, we added a pop up to provide shade during the morning and midday sun.  They really don’t like the heat and prefer the cool of the garage.  They also have a big water bowl that they have been playing in and some loose toys, which will be added to.


Our favorite part of the whole process is that they are quickly figuring out that the pan in the corner with the cedar chips in it is to use the bathroom in.  Kind of like litter training.  Since we started using this several years ago, it has made our life a whole lot easier.  And we had 4 groups of future owners come by this weekend to top things off.



For just turning 4 weeks old today we are very proud of them and their progress.  They love people, love to be held and petted and seem bold and secure in their play. 


We don’t have individual pictures this week of each puppy, because Lonnie had sinus surgery and still has an issue bending over to pick them up.  So we have included a bunch of pictures of them over the past week.


Hope you enjoy.

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Last week in whelping box.

Pups eating and Poppy not worried about it.

Lonnie getting a little loving from Nellie.

New digs in the garage and playing with the toy.


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