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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

“S” LITTEr Week 1

This is our “S” Litter.  The mother is Sophie, Bear Hug Jiggy With It.  And the sire is a fine young dog from Canada named Magnum Du Barbu Des Carpates.  He is a French import and impressed us as a young dog.

The delivery was fairly easy for Sophie this time.  She started at midnight and finished by 6:17 a.m. 

The first two were girls and we kept looking for the boys, but in the end had an even split.

They have had their tails docked and dew claws removed this past week and are gaining weight every day.

1 Female—Clara

Clara was born in our bedroom.  We were expecting it, but it still caught us by surprise.

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8 Female—Roxanne

Roxanne was named by our grandson.  Every time we say her name we sing the song by the Police.  Our family just rolls their eyes.

7 Male—Mister

We had a 2.5 hour wait between Mister and Charlie.  We think it was because of his size.  He was the biggest at birth.  Still one of the biggest.

6 Male—Charlie

Charlie is a little easier to pick out, because he has at least one spot.  Charlie is the smallest male so far.

5 Female—Maddie

Maddie has a lot of brown on her tail.  This helps us identify her.

4 Male—Enzo

This is the second set of pictures for Enzo.  The first time around we took Mister’s twice.  We have the right puppy this time. 

3 Male—Pierre

Pierre has the most spots of all of the puppies.  For a few days we called him Little Hokie.

02 Female—Lucy

Lucy is the runt of the litter so far.  She is getting special treatment, whenever we can do so.

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