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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

“R” LITTEr—Week 3

The pups have reached another milestone in their lives.  Over the past week, we have been getting them used to eating puppy replacement formula and diluted goats milk from a bowl.  We started with two at a time, so that we could really concentrate on them eating.  When they ate what they did, we would feed them with a syringe enough for them to get a taste.  Saturday, they really took off on their own eating.  Now they get excited when they see the bowl.  We did not want to get stuck with 14 puppies not eating and their mom having decided she was done feeding them.  So we did it early.  Usually in the 4th week this takes place.  Now they are eating 3 times a day from the bowl and nurse 4 times a day. 

1 Male—Buzz

Buzz is a go getter.  Even though most of their lives is centered around food.  Maybe he just likes to eat.

05 Male—Rocky

Rocky has pretty much caught up to everyone else.  The additional feedings have helped that out.  Here he is just a little sleepy.  You have to love them.

04 Female—Nellie

Nellie is a sweet girl, love her spots. 

03 Female—Spotty

Spotty has a mind of her own.  You can put her up to the bowl and she will take a step back.  Study it and then decide if she is going to partake in the milk. 

02 Male—Thor

Thor seems to be a mellow little fellow and not quite as big boned as the other boys.

07 Male—Tigger 

Tigger loves the new food from a bowl.  Really gets his whole body involved in eating, and gets pretty wet.

08 Female—Ally

Ally has also benefitted from the additional feedings.  And she caught on to the bowls quick. 

09 Female—Heidi

Heidi is a robust little girl.  When she started eating out of the bowl, she liked to lay all the way across it.

10 Female—Lilly

Lilly looks like she will have a white spot on her head also.  The white spot is very distinctive.  Mocha is the only one we have with one.

11 Male—Eyor

Eyor might have started out small, but he is a substantial puppy.  I think he is going to be big boned like his dad, Lucca.

12 Female—Star

Star is still one of the biggest, but she has probably the biggest white spot on her head.

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06 Male—James

James  is has a very pretty head for a pup, can’t wait to see him grow up.

13 Female—Winnie

Winnie is an eye catcher.  She is always in the mix, no matter what yu are doing.

14 Female—Bertha

Bertha says they saved the best for last.  Or at least the biggest.  Her siblings are catching up now though. 

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Eating from the bowl, they all get so wet.  Here they are after eating from the bowl in a puppy pile, warming up.

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