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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons


Week 8.  Below are pictures of the N Litter with their new families.

01 F—Shay  -  Bear Hug Nellie Shay

Shay is now living in Texas and spending a lot of time learning to be a therapy dog.

05 Female—Daisy  -  Bear Hug No Doubt

Daisy/Blake did not move far away.  She lives right here.  In fact her new owner presided over the marriage of our youngest daughter.

04 Female—Fancy  -  Bear Hug Nothing Fancy

Fancy went to live with some good friends of ours in South Carolina.  This will be their second puppy from us.

03 Female—Póg  -  Bear Hug Northside Miracle Madden

Pog is enjoying life in Louisiana.

02 M—Deuce  -  Bear Hug New Christmas Von Drake

Deuce went to Georgia with his new family.

07 Female—Molly  -  Bear Hug Nattily Attired Porter Grace

Molly moved across the border into Tennessee.  She is enjoying her new life.

08 Male—Bullseye  -  Bear Hug Negative Ghost Rider

Bullseye moved to the same town in Tennessee as Molly did. 

09 Male—Dey  -  Bear Hug Noble Gent

Dey went to live in North Carolina with his new family and judging by the videos is loving life.

10 Male—Trey  -  Bear Hug Nuts and Bolts

Trey stayed in South Carolina and is charming his new family.

11 Male—Cowboy  -  Bear Hug Next Best Thing

Cowboy went to live in North Carolina with his new family.

12 Female—Lil Maggie  -  Bear Hug Nikki

Another family that has another one of our dogs.  Maggie now lives with her new family in Virginia.

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06 Male—Lil Man  -  Bear Hug New Hope

Lil Man also went to live with a family that has one of our dogs.  He moved to Georgia to live with Drake and his family.

Drake loving on his mother and Lil Man’s Great Grandmother , Sweet Pea.