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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Sweet Pea was the first dog to get a confirmation championship that we bred.  She was Marsha’s agility companion.  She is also a great little hunting dog.

Currently in her retirement, the only thing she is hunting are biscuits.  She prefers Bojangles, but will take any offered.  Loves to take car rides and is Marsha’s constant companion.

Sweet Pea is retired.

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Pearl came to us from Canada.  She has great range and drive and is an excellent hunting companion.

Pearl developed Pyrometria and fortunately we caught it in time.  She is now living with one of our nieces and they are too much alike.

Pearl is retired.

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Breezy is our second Canadian girl.  She is the most gentle and sweet Griffon we have ever had the pleasure of knowing, plus she has a lot of drive in the field.

Breezy is also retired and spends her days hunting anything to eat.

Breezy is retired.

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Mocha  is our girl out of the F Litter.  She has great bone, good structure and a heck of an attitude.  She covers all the ground when hunting and has great nose and pointing.


Mocha is retired.

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2013  -  2018


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Tybee is our girl out of the I Litter.  She has great bone, good structure and a very sweet personality like her mother “Breezy”. 

Tybee finished quickly and the day she finished she also won a group 2 in the Sporting Group.  Hunting she covers the entire ield from edge to edge in no time.   Much like her aunt Mocha.  


Tybee passed away in 2018 because of a perforated intestine.  We miss her terribly.

Maggie was our first Griffon.  She taught us a lot and got us hooked on the breed.  She now sleeps a lot on her pillows and is the only dog that I know that can tell time.  She knows when it was 5:30 in the morning and evening.  That iwas when she likes to eat.

We miss her terribly and often think of her.  She shared our lives for almost 15 years.

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Our Girls


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We got Poppy from Ted and Linda Gagnon at Wet Acres Kennels.  Her bloodlines went back into some of the dogs we started with and she was the granddaughter of Rugby’s sister Lilly.


Poppy is a great little hunting dog.  Great nose and drive.  She has been a pleasure to work and live with.


She is also a great mother.

gCH Bear Hug Jiggy With It  2014—2019

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Sophie is the little girl we kept out of the litter from Breezy and Maestro.  Don’t let that sweet face and demeanor deceive you.  She is rotten. 


Sophie finished her championship easily and is a very nice hunting dog.  She has a great coat, and structure.  Plus her attitude is to die for. 


Sophie passed away in December of 2019 from bloat.  We miss her terribly.


Gracie is the only puppy out of our “L” Litter.  She was sired by the dog Ucky, who lives in France, who is also the sire of Boomer and Mocha.  She is turning out to be a very nice dog.


Gracie finished her Conformation Championship in one weekend with 3 5 point majors.  She finished at 6 months and 4 days.


Gracie is retired and now lives with our veterinarian.

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Lucy is a puppy out of our “S” Litter.  Her mother is Sophie and her sire was Magnum.  She is a very pretty puppy with a cute personality.


We look forward to watching her grow up.