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GCHG Bear Hug Fire in the Hole JH  2010—2013


Boomer is the male puppy out of our F Litter.  He is the product of our girl CH Bear Hug Bring It On JH NA NAJ, “Sweet Pea”, and a wonderful dog in France, Ucky du Domaine du Huguera, “Ucky”.  Ucky is a multinational and International conformation Champion and an Autumn Field Trial Champion in France.  Ucky’s pictures are on Boomer’s pedigree  page. 


So far Boomer has not failed to surprise us.  He finished his Conformation Championship at 7 months 4 days old.  Then he went on to finish his Grand Championship at 10 months 8 days old, and the requirements for the Bronze level of the Grand Championship by 12 months old.  He is a Gold Level Grand Champion.  He also has more Grand Championship points than any Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. 


In the mean time he passed his Natural Ability test with a Prize III at 8 months of age and has passed all 4 legs of his Junior Hunter title that he has was entered in.


Boomer has a super coat, great movement, nice color and good angles.   Besides that he is Marsha’s little man.



Boomer Facts:


Date of Birth:  14 July, 2010


Champion at 7 months 4 days.


Grand Champion at 10 months 8 days.  Boomer is now a Gold Level Grand Champion, and the leading Grand Champion point accumulator in breed history.


#4 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for 2013 in Conformation, even after passing away in June.  He remained #1 through the end of October.  #4 in All Breed Points for 2013.


# 1 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for 2012 in Conformation (Showsight Breed Statistics 31 December, 2012)


# 2 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for 2011 in Conformation (Showsight Breed Statistics 31 December, 2011)


13 Group Placements.  Group 1 (3), Group 2 (3), Group 4 (7)


Junior Hunter in 4 straight passes.  NAVHDA NA Prize III.


23.75 inches at the withers (60.3 cm), 65 pounds (29.5 kg).




DNA Testing— KBKB, cannot produce tan point.


Sire of our H and I litters.





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