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GCHG Bear Hug Fire in the Hole JH� 2010�2013


Boomer is the male puppy out of our F Litter.� He is the product of our girl CH Bear Hug Bring It On JH NA NAJ, �Sweet Pea�, and a wonderful dog in France, Ucky du Domaine du Huguera, �Ucky�.� Ucky is a multinational and International conformation Champion and an Autumn Field Trial Champion in France.� Ucky�s pictures are on Boomer�s pedigree� page.�


So far Boomer has not failed to surprise us.� He finished his Conformation Championship at 7 months 4 days old.� Then he went on to finish his Grand Championship at 10 months 8 days old, and the requirements for the Bronze level of the Grand Championship by 12 months old.� He is a Gold Level Grand Champion.� He also has more Grand Championship points than any Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.�


In the mean time he passed his Natural Ability test with a Prize III at 8 months of age and has passed all 4 legs of his Junior Hunter title that he has was entered in.


Boomer had a super coat, great movement, nice color and good angles.�� Besides that he was Marsha�s little man.



Boomer Facts:


Date of Birth:� 14 July, 2010


Champion at 7 months 4 days.


Grand Champion at 10 months 8 days.� Boomer is a Gold Level Grand Champion.


#4 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for 2013 in Conformation, even after passing away in June.� He remained #1 through the end of October.� #4 in All Breed Points for 2013.


# 1 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for 2012 in Conformation (Breed Statistics 31 December, 2012)


# 2 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for 2011 in Conformation (Breed Statistics 31 December, 2011)


13 Group Placements.� Group 1 (3), Group 2 (3), Group 4 (7)


Junior Hunter in 4 straight passes.� NAVHDA NA Prize III.


23.75 inches at the withers (60.3 cm), 65 pounds (29.5 kg).




DNA Testing� KBKB, cannot produce tan point.


Sire of our H and I litters.





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