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Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

D litter

Boudreaux lives in both North and South Carolina.� He scored a perfect 112 on his Natural Ability test with NAVHDA.� He has finished his Championship and his Junior Hunter title.� Now he is working on his Senior Hunter title with his owner Terry.


CH Bear hug Dandy low country Boudreaux JH CGC

Bailey now lives in Marshall, VA, getting used to farm life and long walks.� Her best friend is now their terrier.

Bear hug Dossey


Dutch now lives in the heat in San Antonio, TX.� He has two little girls to keep him tired and to love on.Dutch did not prize on his Natural Ability test, but he did receive a score of 78.� He had an unfortunate incident with a local farm dog on his track.�����

Bear hug duchesse de bourgogne

Cocoa has moved in with Lorraine and Rock in Greensboro, NC and made herself at home.� Her best bud is Rosie another Griffon.� Cocoa scored a 107 for a prize 2 on her Natural Ability test with NAVHDA.� Cocoa has finished her Junior Hunter title and is now working toward her Senior Hunter.

Bear hug Dark Chocolate JH

Daisy Mae has adapted well to life in Fredericksburg, VA.� She now takes time out to harass her Griffon friend Traylor.� Daisy scored a 90 for a Prize 3 on her Natural Ability test with NAVHDA.

Drake is loving life in his new home in Marietta, GA.� He now uses the diving board in their pool.� I had the pleasure of testing Drake in his Natural Ability test.� He scored a perfect 112 for a Prize I on the test.� It was truly a pleasure to work with and see this dog hunt.

Bear hug Drake

Bear hug Daisy mae


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